Sally Mitchell first began ChiRunning in 2005 while she was living in NYC. Being a competitive runner and triathlete, Sally experienced numerous running injuries over the years, which often meant pulling out of races at the last minute. The day she picked up a flyer with the caption "Injury Free Running" changed her life!

Sally took a 3-hour private class from Bryn Randolph, who was one of the first ChiRunning instructors and had been taught by Danny Dreyer, the Founder of ChiRunning. She noticed incredible results immediately after the class. Landing mid-foot and increasing her cadence were the two focuses that quickly allowed her to run with zero knee pain. This was a fantastic breakthrough, after months of knee pain, physical therapy, knee braces and only being able to run for 30 minutes before the pain took over.

6 months after this ChiRunning class, Sally ran her first marathon in Miami in January 2006, and finished with a time of 3:30, qualifying for the Boston marathon...injury and pain free!

Sally then went on to race in triathlons. After many podium finishes in sprint, olympic and half ironman distances, Sally qualified for the ITU olympic distance World Championships and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

​Now living in Sonoma, Sally loves to run for fun on the trails and to be close to nature. Whenever she travels to a new place, her running shoes are packed and her ChiRunning focuses are practiced as soon as she arrives. She believes that going for a run is one of the best ways to explore and relax in a new environment.


​​​​Inspired to teach others how to prevent injuries and run like the wind, Sally loves working with anyone looking to improve their form, increase their speed or enhance their enjoyment of running.​ She teaches all over the San Francisco Bay Area and is also available for private group workshops and private one-on-one sessions.


​When not teaching ChiRunning, Sally is also a massage therapist, focusing on sports and therapeutic massage and assisted dynamic stretching techniques and a yoga teacher, and leads weekend yoga retreats all around Northern California. You can read more on her website at Body Flows.

Sally Mitchell