"Thank you so much! What an amazing class. I learned so much! It was really helpful to me, especially since I am a beginner runner! I hope to attend another class soon. You are the best! ~ Heather


​"Sally is an excellent instructor. Her insight and feedback on my running style was valuable and will overall help my progress. The video comments were extremely helpful. It is nice to have that visual correlation with her added comments. I have future plans to take her Part 2 course. " ~ Suzanne


"Wow, what a difference! I thought about being a "C" during my run and no more back pain :) My daughter even said wow mom you're running better! I am pleasantly surprised that I am wanting to run everyday which is a first LOL! Awesome!" ~ Nicole


"Thank you for such a fun and informative class. I practiced today, focusing on my rear stride and hips like you suggested. After running 2.5 miles, my knees felt fine! I'm very grateful for the workshop."​ ~ Vanna

"Thanks again for the workshop. I very much enjoyed it and made an effort to incorporate our lessons into the Giant Race 10K today. I'm not sure I was 100% Chi but used my core,worked on softening my feet, and then after 4 miles am pretty sure hip rotation was achieved. I smiled the entire time and shaved 10_ minutes from my normal 10k time. Yay!" ~ Lucija


"I want to thank you for teaching me ChiRunning! I took one of your intro classes in the Presidio a couple of year ago, and did a refresher run along the Marina last year. I just started running for the first time in my life 3 years ago at age 58, and knew I didn't want to end up one of those injured runners. This weekend at age 61, I did a 15K run at a pace of 11'20", and didn't feel the least bit sore afterwards. I know it has everything to do with knowing ChiRunning!" ~ Robin


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I went for a run in the evening and I felt lightness and was much faster than usual. I am sure it will take lots of practice to get it all together but it did feel great already." ~ Lana


"Awesome, just what I was hoping for. Class taught just what it promised, Sally was great and the 4 hours was perfect for giving us all the tips necessary for good form . Can't wait to run injury free for years and years!" ~ Amy


"Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop, Sally! I finally got to run solo yesterday and had a lot of success with my running. I ran almost the entire 4 miles with the Chi posture. Afterwards, I did notice that my muscles were not really that tired and I am not sore today. Thanks again!" ~ Liz


"Sally was wonderful! Warm, knowledgeable, funny and just really adept at getting chi running across to a bunch of novices. I will be taking her Level 2 class to improve upon what she so brilliantly got across in this class. Running will never be the same for me again- in the BEST way possible! Thanks, Sally!" ~ Judy


"Sally is a great teacher. ChiRunning is hard but it's different so it's great to have input and feedback. Sally definitely knows and loves running. Runs the run. Definitely will take another class from her." ~ Anonymous


"I learned so much about running from Sally, the instructor. I loved the class and she was so patient with all of us. I can't wait to attend another session with her." ~ Teri


"Eye-opening to realize that there is a different form to running! Had to re-learn everything. Sally was very patient with us in taking us through the workshop." ~ Tamami


"My running injuries are healing well thanks to you and ChiRunning. I can even run on pavement without further damaging my body. Also, bruising on my toes are almost gone. You are a miracle worker!" ~ Rowena


"Thanks so much for the class and the video feedback. I got so much more instruction than from just reading the book; you are a great teacher/coach!" ~ Irene


"Sally is a great teacher. I read the book already, but learned so much more from her class and feedback to other participants and myself." ~ Colleen


"It was a great workshop, well planned, good information and examples. I liked that there was feedback after every exercise." ~ Sandra


"It was a great learning experience for beginner and intermediate runners. Everything we learned made a difference in my form." ~ Daniell


"Sally was great! She was very engaging. We had a great time. :) I learned a lot about my running that I can apply going forward. " ~ Jennifer


"Sally was a great teacher. She explained things well, was responsive to questions and had a good sense of humor." ~ Kathy


"The class was great. Even in a group setting, I received a lot of individual attention and I left there motivated." ~ Nina


"Sally is a great instructor and follows through with her commitments to the participants in her class. " ~ Paula


"Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in an injury free running lifestyle" ~ Sanjay


"Thanks for the awesome session and thanks for your thorough instruction! I'll definitely come to your group run soon!" ~ Gail


"Great workshop. I learned a lot. Sally was an excellent teacher. I would definitely recommend the class." ~ Kate


"Good for people who used to love running but aren't finding joy in it like before." ~ Liane


"Great workshop, thanks for sharing your passion and educating us!" ~ Adrienne


"Thanks for such a great workshop, Sally! You were awesome!" ~ Rowena


"Sally did a fantastic training. The workshop was really on point." ~ Jill


"Great instruction. Positive coaching - excited to get going!" ~ Annie


"Sally was very enthusiastic and had helpful feedback."  ~ Meg


"Sally was great! I would highly recommend! " ~ Marisa


"Must for every long distance runner!" ~ Anu


"Great experience. Sally is top notch!" ~ Rebecca


"Great clinic. Highly recommend it!" ~ Terry


"Sally Mitchell is so awesome!!! " ~ Erika